Finished Feeds

Chick Mash

Positioned as balanced ration for pullets and chicks intended for breeding stock from Age 0 to 8 weeks.
High in Energy for quick Chicks development and Growth

Aquamax Fish Feed

Excellent Performance attested to by Fish farmers.
Excellent packaging, available in many sizes

Layer Mash

Balanced Ration for your Laying birds of all ages.
Formulated with the choicest natural quality and wholesome materials for quality egg size, colour, shell & shelf Life

Grower Mash

Balanced ration for young birds between age of 9 – 18 weeks.
Formulated to support gradual & proper endocrinal & physiological development of growing birds

Broiler Starter

Contains balanced amino acid profile of Lysine, Methionine & Cystine needed to support the dynamic turn-over & growth of structural & protective tissues in young chicks

Broiler Finisher

A wonderful feed for finishing your Broilers till Market time.
Formulated to meet the energy demand of your Broilers at this age.

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