At Livestock Feeds Plc, we are committed to making quality investment in our people whom we regard as our greatest asset. This has immensely helped in developing competencies across the value chains where we play. E-learning platform is one of our key tools in entrenching the habit of continuous learning and development.

We have in place a robust welfare package that ensures happiness at all fronts so that our people are carrying out their duties unconstrained so as to achieve set organizational goals.

Making our work environment safe and motivational for our people is key to our success. Livestock Feeds Plc has a collection of people that are highly spirited, inspirational, innovative and extremely committed to the organization’s course.

Work-Life balance is a continuous project for us in Livestock Feeds Plc, Our Human Resources promotes this culture through various possible means. Our Work-Life balance further reinforces the values we have placed on our people over years.

You are welcome to Livestock Feeds Family!

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