How To Choose The Best Egg Layer Chickens

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February 3, 2020
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An ever-increasing number of Nigerians are deciding to raise their own herd of egg layer chickens. The reasons are incredible, and incorporate a nutritious choice for you and your family, just as a chance to instruct your family on the significance of animals. Whatever reason you decide to raise a group for egg creation, think about some fundamental realities before plunging into this huge task.


Another incredible motivation to raise chickens that lay eggs is a direct result of the dietary benefit since eggs from chickens that are raised on natural chicken feed, or permitted to eat openly on characteristic grass produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol. Additionally, these eggs will be higher in Vitamin E and the immensely significant Omega-3 unsaturated fats. At the point when you analyze all the extraordinary motivations to have a herd, it’s difficult to state no!


Various sorts of chickens lay diverse shaded eggs. While most sorts of eggs accessible in markets are white, they are likewise accessible in earthy colored, and now and then even greenish blue and blue. How might you determine what shading egg your chicken will deliver? Examine the skin behind their ears. A white egg layer will have a white fix; a ruddy earthy colored fix will deliver earthy colored eggs. Then again, a feathered creature with a red fix will deliver earthy colored eggs.

Egg layer chickens that produce white eggs are industrially well known, however may not really be the smartest choice for a patio rush. The thinking behind this is many white egg chickens, for example, the White Leghorn, the Pearl Leghorn, or the Ancona are capricious in their temper, and can regularly get apprehensive. Along these lines, numerous individuals decide to leave the white chicken raising to the experts.


Then again, earthy colored egg layers are progressively well known among terrace rush raisers since they are increasingly quiet and simpler to deal with.


A few people appreciate the excitement of setting off to their chicken homes and uncovering lovely and lively eggs of blue and green. If so, take a stab at raising an Easter Egger chicken. Be instructed that the demeanor with respect to these flying creatures can change. Do your exploration to ensure you’re picking the best-feathered creature for your own circumstance.

Before settling on egg layer chickens, think about the accompanying prerequisite.  What amount of space would you be able to dedicate to your chickens? Chickens want to be social, so you will in all probability need to raise a few flying creatures. What number of eggs do you plan on utilizing a day? Do you plan on selling your eggs? These variables will influence the kind of winged creature you pick, and how you plan on raising them. A few people want to let their chicken move around normally, while others just don’t have the space, and should keep their group in a coop. Make these contemplations before rushing to set up your farm so they can produce sound eggs.

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